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Visit documents

Visit documents

Castle brochure

To prepare your visit, consult the brochure of the castle:

Dépliant 2021 Cast

Tour booklet

To guide you, the tour booklet is available free of charge at the entrance to the castle. It is available in 12 languages and in Braille. You can also download it here.

France  United Kingdom(Great Britain)  Netherlands  Germany  Spain  Italy  catalogne  Russian Federation  China  Portugal  Israel  Japan  Japan


The games booklet, for children aged 7 to 12:

France United Kingdom(Great Britain)
24 pages of illustrated games to guide children through the castle and its museum. Rebuses, fill in the blanks, hidden words, connect the dots, spot the differences… for an appealing and amusing tour!
Free of charge. Available at the welcome desk while stocks last.


Castle map

Plan Castelnaud 2021