Types of visit


Unguided tour (1 hour)

Comprehensive descriptions, interactive terminals, audiovisuals and scale models help you during your unguided tour. You can visit the museum and discover an important collection of more than 250 pieces comprising authentic weapons and armour from throughout Europe. A tour at your own pace that allows you to soak in the castle’s atmosphere, from the kitchen to the parapet walk.
Outside, the most powerful medieval siege machines (mangonel, trebuchet, bombarde…) have been recreated. A medieval garden pleasantly concludes your visit.

During your tour, you will find…

The collection’s pieces in their actual settings and situations

As though you were there at the time! You can enter the artillery tower, built in the early 16th century. You climb a narrow stairway cut out of the thick walls to reach the four floors. Darkness, cannons in place, trapdoors, ropes, everything is in position. Watch out in case an attack is launched!

The Nine Worthies, a wall painting highly prized at the end of the Middle Ages

A magnificent painted décor adorns one of the rooms of the castle’s apartments. Heroes and models of chivalry, they are divided into three triads: the Pagans (Hector, Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar), the Jews (Joshua, David and Judas Maccabeus) and the Christians (Arthur, Charlemagne and Godfrey of Bouillon).


The model of the siege of 1442

This siege marked the end of the Hundred Years War at the Château de Castelnaud. In late 1442, the English were definitively chased from the castle. Visual and sound effects animate the model of the village of Castelnaud and draw you into the heart of this event.

Audiovisual documents

To complete the museum’s collections, six videos have been put in place. You can watch the stages in the construction of the Château de Castelnaud, explained through 3D images, learn about the use and operation of a trebuchet, discover the equipment of an arquebusier and a crossbowman and the evolution in military architecture in the Middle Ages.

Reconstitution of medieval clothing

Several sorts of clothing are exposed in the museum to imagine better the clothes of the Lords of Castelnaud at the end of the Middle Ages. The elegant silhouettes, with ample sheets of wool, with silk and fur reveal the fashion trends at that time and determine the membership in a particular social group.

The reading room

Comics and educational works on the theme of the Middle Ages are available to children for a recreational break.

Costumes moyen age donjon

The models of war machines

Perrière, bricole, mangonel, trebuchet, couillard… All these hurling machines have been recreated on scales of 1:10 and 1:20.

A multimedia game

In this interactive game, you mission is to free a character imprisoned in the castle. It’s up to you to find the means of overcoming the obstacles. Your choice will be decisive. If you succeed, you win a surprise reward!

To guide you, the tour booklet is available free of charge at the entrance to the castle

It is available in 12 languages and in Braille

France  United Kingdom(Great Britain)  Netherlands  Germany  Spain  Italy  catalogne  Russian Federation  China  Portugal  Israel  Japan  Japan

For children aged 7 to 12, the games booklet

France United Kingdom(Great Britain)
24 pages of illustrated games to guide children through the castle and its museum. Rebuses, fill in the blanks, hidden words, connect the dots, spot the differences… for an appealing and amusing tour!
Free of charge. Available at the welcome desk while stocks last.


Explore the different facets of the Middle Ages!

Throughout the year, guided tours, medieval activities and entertainment are offered without additional charge.
You can find our annual programme on the Programme page.